Benefits of Capsicum for Nasal Relief: Natural Ways To Find Fast Sinus Relief

Benefits of Capsicum for Nasal Relief: Natural Ways To Find Fast Sinus Relief

Dealing with sinus pressure? Headaches? A feeling like you just don’t want to be in your own head any longer? You aren’t alone. Many people suffer from chronic sinus headaches and congestion, it can really bring down your day. 

The good news is that there are many natural sinus relief strategies out there that you can use to help get yourself back on your feet and feeling great again. If you’re someone who suffers from sinus pain and discomfort quite regularly, you’ll want to avoid rushing out to use prescription medication as ongoing use of any pain meds can lead to unwanted side effects. 

In our opinion natural is always best! And this is what lead us to create nasolRE our all natural capsicum based nasal spray. 

Here is some really great information on the active ingredient Capsaicin (sourced from capsicum or red hot chilli peppers) as well as a few tips for helping you avoid chronic sinus pain and congestion.

Fruits of capsicum (red hot chilli peppers and a source of Capsaicin) can be used to make herbal medicines. This fruit mostly contains an active ingredient, capsicum. The chemical name for this compound is methyl-n-vanillyl nonenamide. It is a lipophilic compound. 

Capsicum is a common staple in the kitchen. Many cuisines worldwide use it to increase the spice levels. However, it has become a center of interest among scientists because of the important enzymes found in the peppers. All of these are helpful one way or another in various diseases. Because of this, different dosage forms are also available. These help to produce a systemic or topical effect on the patient.

What is the mechanism of Capsicum?

Many research studies point towards the fact that the active compound of capsicum acts through its receptors. This receptor is the transient receptor potential vanilloid subfamily member 1 (TRPV1). TRPV1 is present on the sensory receptors of the body. It is very commonly available in irritant compounds. The entire process with which it works is called defunctionalization. Scientists utilize this function of capsicum for therapeutic purposes. 

Is Capsicum safe to consume?

Generally, experts consider it safe to consume. However, like all things, a select few individuals may experience unintended side effects; such as the following:

  • Like other medications, it can cause an allergic reaction; therefore, if you are allergic to any type of chili peppers; better to avoid this supplement.
  • It can interact with other medicines, both herbal and non-herbal. So if you are taking other medications it’s good to speak to your health practitioner first.
  • The application of capsicum to a child below two years of age is not suggested or regarded as safe. 
  • In rare cases, capsicum can affect bleeding disorders so certainly if this in your history speak to your health practitioner.

Is there a standard dose for Capsicum?

There is no standard dose for capsicum. Like most medications or supplement it will depend on several factors.

  • Overall condition of the patient.
  • Another disease or ailments that the patient may be suffering from.
  • Individual response to the medication.

What are some benefits of capsicum?

1) Nasal and Sinus Congestion

This is where Capsicum/Capsaicin really shines! Activation of airway sensory nerves can occur due to inhalation of allergens or irritants. Rhinitis can lead to congestion of nasal passages and sinus. For this purpose, capsicum is an excellent treatment. This condition is also referred to as rhinitis. A study helped to determine that capsicum spray helps to reduce symptoms from rhinitis.

In this study, thirty patients participated. Each participant had to take capsicum five times a day. The result showed that capsicum helped to reduce both long and short-term effects. All the patients responded positively within two weeks of treatment.

2) Obesity

Interestingly enough some studies  also show evidence that capsicum helps in reducing obesity. It works by playing a role in controlling the distribution of adipose tissues. It may be particularly helpful in obesity in people with diabetes.

3) Allergies

Another area that capsicum shines and what lead us to make nasolRE. Allergies are the immune response of the body to various factors. Food allergy is one of them. It is an immune response to the food. Food allergies are increasing in developed and underdeveloped countries as well. According to research, oral supplements or nasal administration of capsicum may help to reduce these symptoms. This effect is due to its effect on macrophages and IL-33. Hence, this effect can help to reduce the evolution of the disease. It can also help to get a good prognosis.

4) Migraines

Migraines are severe headaches that too many people suffer from. Generally the only possible relief comes from harsh (and in our opinion, dangerous)pain killers. However, these have long lists of negative side effects. 

Capsicum sensitizes the pain receptors. It means that the constant application of capsicum to nasal mucosa reduces the feeling of pain. Hence, migraine sufferers may experience rapid relief and lessening occurrence of migraine with the ongoing use of capsicum. (This is one of the benefits we often here the most feedback on from users of nasolRE.)

It is even helpful in chronic migraine attacks. Another study suggests that capsicum may also ne applied topically for the relief of migraines. This study suggests that this effect of capsicum is because of its effect on the CGRP receptor. 

5) Cancer

There is some research that suggests Capsicum may help in reducing the growth of cancer cells. It is effective against adenocarcinoma, breast cancer, colon cancer, and many others. Scientists observed this in a study on mice. However, the mechanism of how it produces an anti-cancer effect is still not clear; but very interesting research on on this powerful compound!

So as you can see the list of benefits for Capsicum and it’s active compound Capsaicin are long! We’ve seen so many people benefit from using a natural capsicum nasal spray through the years, but of course there’s more ways you can use capsicum to help with sinus pressure, congestion and headaches.

Go Spicy!

If there was ever a time to order spicy foods, now is it! Spicy foods can help to open up the nasal passages and provide fast and effective relief from sinus pain. 

Chili peppers do the trick the best, however any spicy food should help. So try Mexican for dinner tonight and see if that just doesn’t help your situation. 

Or Use Capsicum/Capsaicin Supplementation

If you aren’t in the mood for spicy foods or unfortunately, your stomach doesn’t permit them (you’re not alone mine doesn’t either!) But not to worry, there are great alternatives. By harnessing the power of capsicum in a spray such as nasolRE our all natural nasal spray. You’ll get many of the same benefits of eating spicy foods, only more powerful and without having to actually ingest that food. 

Capsicum/capsaicin has been proven to help relieve pain in those who are suffering from headaches and sinus congestion, so it’s one of the fastest, natural treatment methods around. 

Deep Breathing 

Consider doing some deep breathing. Focusing on relaxation exercises by contracting all the muscles in your body, starting from your neck and working your way down to your feet can be an excellent technique for releasing the tension that you’re experiencing and may help minimize your headache. 

Do this while also focusing on air moving into and out of your body, your chest rising and falling with each breath and see if you don’t feel better after about five to ten minutes. 

Avoid Cold Air 

While if it’s winter where you live, avoiding cold air may feel next to impossible, but doing your best to stay indoors and if heading out, wearing a scarf or something to cover your nose and mouth to prevent you from breathing in that cold air can be important. 

Cold air can thicken up the mucus passages and make your symptoms worse, which is why staying in warmer, moist environments right now is your best bet. 

Try A Humidifier 

Which brings us to our next tip, trying a humidifier. Placing your head over a humidifier or just having one in the room can help loosen up the mucus and help your sinuses drain better, which in return will help you get that fluid build-up out of your head. This can help release some of that pressure and may even help relieve the headaches you’re experiencing. 

Try Hot Liquid 

Alternatively, if you don’t have a humidifier around, you can create a similar effect by simply drinking a hot beverage instead. If you’ve ever taken in hot soup before when sick and noticed you could immediately breathe easier, this is the same concept at work. 

Hot tea, coffee, or a cup of chicken noodle soup will all do your body very well right now. 

Try A Warm Compress 

Another technique many people who suffer from sinus pain swear by is alternating between hot and cold compresses. If you are at home and have the opportunity to relax, this is a great one to try.

Simply boil some water and then once cool enough to touch, soak down a towel or hand cloth. Do the same with cold water.

Now place these over the sinuses for a time of about 3 minutes for the hot compress and 30 seconds for the cold compress. Alternating is what will really properly drain the mucus and get you breathing easier. Many people find a hot compress works well, but when they start alternating between hot and cold, that’s when they really see a remarkable difference. 

Don’t let sinus pain and headaches get you down any longer. With these techniques, you can definitely put them behind you and get back to going about your busy day. (And if you want an easy, portable, consistent method we think you’ll be able to count on give our all natural capsicum nasal spray nasolRE a try! Don’t forget we believe in it so much we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.)



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