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Natural nasal spray (with a kick!)

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I use it before my bike rides

My nose gets fairly congested after two sprays I can breathe again through my nose this is one of the only products that work

Bike Russ (From Philly)

Stuff prepared!

The first time I snorted this stuff, it was like taking a big bite of wasabi. Be prepared to have this burning sensation go through your nostrils and sinus. But it works well!

Tom (From Illinois)

Simply Magical

Where has this been all my life? Chronic sinus pain and seasonal allergies that make my life miserable because I refuse Pharma drugs. FREEDOM at last!


Relieves my nighttime stuffiness

For years I have had nighttime stuffiness that caused me to breathe through my mouth while sleeping.

This spray really works well for me. What seems to work best is to take a shot in each nostril, wait about 10 minutes and then do it again. It keeps my sinuses clear all night and I don't wake up with a plugged/runny nose in the morning.

I feel that I am getting a better night's rest and my sinuses stay much clearer during the day after. It tingles a bit when applying, but it's not uncomfortable. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.



I just want you to know what a great product Nasol is.

I believe I discovered it a couple years ago, we were in a health product store and I read about it in one of their flyers. I was initially interested in it for my severe migraines but I also have allergies and sometimes sinus problems.

I use it daily for all of the above.  It does not get rid of my migraines but does provide some relief. You also always provide the best customer service and delivery.


This stuff is really good

I've had sinus issue for years. I've tried all sorts of things to keep my sinus in check.

The Nasol burns a little for a few seconds but it's nothing to shy away from. It opens everything right up without drying my sinuses out. Prior to the Nasol, my sinuses would drain the whole time I was riding and I'd be blowing Snot Rockets constantly.

With Nasol, that problem has been reduced considerably. I hope you keep making this product. If not, warn me so I can buy enough to last the next 20 years.

Abe (from Bend Oregon)

Clears the Airways. 

Effectively opens up your sinuses, but not for the faint at heart.

It definitely burns like crazy, especially when you first start using it. I haven't seen any prolonged improvement in allergies. But, when I'm feeling stuffed up, this has an immediate effect.

Trish (from Louisiana)

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